Furukawa FXJ275 Hydraulic Breaker Seal Kit Fxj-275
Furukawa FXJ275 Hydraulic Breaker Seal Kit Fxj-275-1

Furukawa FXJ275 Hydraulic Breaker Seal Kit Fxj-275

 Furukawa FXJ275 Breaker Seal Kit Hydraulic Hammer Oil Seals Part

A. Part Name: Hydraulic Hammer Breaker Sealing Kit

B. Part Number: Fxj275 Seal Kit

C. Application: Furukawa Hydraulic Breaker

D. Fxj-275 Set of Seals

E. Performance: Cylinder Sealing Seals

F. Parts Material: TPU+HNBR+PTEE

G. Packaging Details: Bag / Box/ Carton

 Furukawa FXJ275 Breaker Seal Kit Hydraulic Hammer Oil Seals Part

Koko Shop Machine Co., Ltd Specialized in hydraulic seals and seal kits for hydraulic hammer rock breaker, hydraulic excavator, wheel loader, and JCB backhoe loader. And, Our Company also supply Engine Parts, hydraulic piston pump and hydraulic travel motor, Swing motor assembly and hydraulic component parts, electric parts, etc. Hydraulic hammer breaker parts with piston, cylinder, chisel, through bolt, side bolt, top bush, front head bushing, accumulator, valve, etc. We always try our best for all our customers and make it better and better. Welcome!
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SEAL KIT D 902409-920080 PLUG DUST F22-10220
OIL SEAL NOK 002409-100041 SEAL KANT 002407-100150
SEAL STEP 002409-100110 O-RING SEAL 160011-00029
SEAL KIT 902409-920051 NOK OIL SEAL 002407-100041
O-RING SEAL 160011-00029 RING GLYD 002407-100070
RING, GLYD SEAL 002409-100100 DUST SEAL NOK HB20G-10210
OIL SEAL NOK 002409-100050 RING BACK-UP 262032-00180
SEAL DUST NOK 002409-100061 STEP SEAL 002407-100170
RING, GLYD SEAL 002409-100120 BUFFER RING SEAL NOK 002400-100060
O-RING SEAL 160011-00040 RING DELTA F35-10216
RING SEAL 002409-100070 RING GLYD 002407-10060

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